About Us

The Silicone Products Manufacturer

LONGSUN Silicone is a silicone sundry goods designer and manufacturer, with a comprehensive understanding of all silicone products from the customer’s image, idea, dream to the finished product on market, thanks to the great support from LONGSUN Industrial Design Hub.


LONGSUN Industrial Design HUB(LSDH)

LSDH is an experienced and professional engineering team, we can fabricate the structure (CAD 2D & 3D model via UG, Solidworks, Pro-Engineer, MasterCam) and the layout of all surface ornament(coloring, artwork, texture), for more introduction, please reference NEWS column.




  • Application development.
  • 3D solid modeling and detailing
  • Tooling development and analysis.
  • All surface ornament(texture,finish)
  • Coloring/Graphics design and layout
  • Custom packaging design.



  •  Silicone concept products.
  •  Silicone Kitchenware(Steamer, cake mold, Ice tray, Glove, Funnel, Bowl,Spoon..).
  • Silicone pet feeder.
  • Silicone gasket(silicone ring, sheet, protector...).
  • Silicone mats(Hair straightener mat, tableware mat, Pan hot-proof mat...).
  • Silicone skin case(Game player handle case, phone case, MACbook case...).
  • Silicone small objects.
  • Surface screen printing, protective coating.



  • Experience — LONGSUN draws upon a wealth of knowledge in a  wide array of silicone project technologies and processes.
  • Support — LONGSUN provides good design creativity and engineering expertise for the market. 
  • Precision — LONGSUN maintains superior manufacturing process controls to ensure premium quality throughout.
  • Quality —LONGSUN uses comprehensive computer aided verification, testing and measurement systems.
  • Service — Both the sales and the design coordinator have 15+ years experience for silicone sundry products.